What to write about in my first blog? …Well, how about I explain to how I came into blogging. Simply put, I have always wanted to blog. I have been a fan of different blogs, but never had to the time or courage to put my own life on the internet. I had an account with blogspot.com but nothing ever came of that. I really did not have anything to write about. I still have that problem now, but now, i’m like whateva!! I will just write about what is on my heart. Now on my heart is…nothing really(other than where is autocorrect).
I was an aspiring writer in my younger years, but I gave that up because i was not doing anything. Now I am just sitting searching for something to blog about. Should blog about my dating life that does not exist? The job that ever fiber of my soul hates going to? The female at work who i think is so damn sexy? What should I blog about. I know! Let’s make this a getting to know me blog.

Religion:  Undecided/On a spiritual journey

Ethnicity: Americano

Favorite Movie: Dreamgirls, All the Batmans, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Give Her a Break, and Signin in the Rain

Favorite T.V. Shows: Any reality rachetness

Education: Some. i need more

Goals in life: To end in a different place than where i started from

Sexual Orientation: Still trying to figure that out

Am I happy with life now: Nope! Yet, Grateful for everything!

Employment: As i stated before, the only thing i like about my job is that cute female the rest of it can go and fuck it’s self.

Food i Eat: Sushi, sparkling water