As I was walking to my car from my class, I noticed the name of my sorority on a car. I recognized the car but not quite. As I walked pass I noticed someone was in the car. Of course I was one of my line sisters. In my mind I am quickly trying to find her name, but it just did not come to me as we had an awkward conversation. She yelled excitedly from her car hi girl and then I said hey! She then asked if I were in graduate school and I said yes. We both said bye. This female was one of the females that I like during my time in the sorority actively. I just really had not seen her in a while. She is a cool chick. As any run-ins with my old sorority sisters go the whole thing was just weird. They always give me this rush of a hello and of course the follow-up question. “Where have you been?” No extra conversation, no are you going to the party tonight or can you come to this event. Just a quick hello and good-bye; obviously that scenario are for the ones who remember me.

Yes, yes, I know, how could you be on a sorority line and be forgotten. Let me tell you, it is easy. All you have to do is keep to yourself, stay out of the mess and do not be catty with the other ladies. I speak to those ladies and they look at me as if they have seen an unrecognizable figure called me. I call myself the unrecognizable figure because as far as I am concerned that is what I was. Those young ladies barely knew me , I made it a point to know them.

As my time in the sorority ended, I thought I came away with a few friends, but seeing as I have not spoken to said “few friends” in about 8 or 9 months, I do not think we will ever be speaking.  They too will become another awkward conversation that I will have to force myself to have with someone I only associated with for a semester of my college life. What a shame.