I know I should be blessed and grateful to have a job. However,this job is the worse though. I can’t give you the name of the place where I work because it involves children, who we call clients. Lets begin with the myth about this organization being an “at-will” employer. My last supervisor would always say that yet, in the next breath would talk about how short staffed we were. And that is exactly right. I know for a fact that I suck at my job (my last supervisor told me in not so many words). I also feel this place could operate all by itself without my presence ( Most staff for that matter). The security cameras can literally do what I do.

The only way I have heard of anybody getting fired was because of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with the clients, which is very rare. On the other hand, I have heard of more people quitting or leaving because they were burnt out. In other words, this place can not really afford to fire anybody. In every department everybody is short staffed. I bet if I took a poll of the employees here, most would say they would quit for another job in a heartbeat. This is not an “at-will” place, it’s a place willing to pay naive, good-hearted, unqualified, under-trained people to do a job nobody really wants to do. For many, especially me, this was a last resort. I have been looking for another job since since the day I laid eyes on our clients. For this job, because there is so many cracks, its so easy to get away with little things, which I am sure at this rate nobody would be fired for. I feel like i have no responsibilities or goals to do here. We are, I am at least, just getting paid to sit ans chit and chat. Its depressing and harmful here, especially for an under-trained, under-paid, unqualified, and ill-prepared staff. This place smells like hopelessness and depression. I need another job or change in life soon. I can not take this anymore.

I am actively applying for a new job. The job that I am applying for is one that I applied for several months ago. I know this place will employee me this time. At least, I am wanting them to.