I am about 22 years,a  graduate from college, and like many other recent college graduates, I am living at home with my parents. At this point, I really do not mind sleeping in the same room that I once used as a after-prom sleep over. I do have a problem with my parents weekly, knocking on my door every Sunday to ensure that I am up to go to church. The feeling that I get every Sunday is not one of spiritual enlightenment or learning but, it is one of force and contention. It feels as if I am being forced to do something whole-heatedly that i want to explore.

Religion is not the same as spirituality. I know this already. That is why going to church is so hard and taxing for me. I don’t get it. Why do i have to go around others just to prove how saintly I am? My religion is not wrapped in the attitudes of others. My spirituality is something I desperately need to explore to its fullest. If I don’t it could kill my growth as a productive human being. I really don’t want that. I want to be able to explore different religions which through education I have gained immense respect for. It is through education that I have come the conclusion that, personally I could take from each of those beliefs and invest into the person I see myself as being.

Of course, I cannot do any of that with my parents force-ably spoon feeding me one kind of religion with no understanding of others. Going to church now is like doing the dishes, washing the windows, sweeping the porch, it is just another weekly chore I have to do with no thought or reason. I do it just to satisfy those who are asking.

its quite sad and unfulfilling to do so. Maybe one day, one sooner than later, I will have the freedom of my own beliefs. Then, church will not be a chore.