Dear Ex-Friends (you know who you are)

I am writing this to tell you how much I have missed our friendship. I do not know if it is in the universe to restart the relationship but, i do miss it. There was nothing that each of you did that made me stay away from you as a friend. It was me.

At many moments in my life I felt low. I felt like I was nothing. Sometimes, I still do. I have a low sense of self that causes me not to live up to my potential as the person i want to become.I would like to apologize for that.

When I was with you and your newly made friends, I felt uncomfortable within my own skin more and more as the seconds ticked away on the clock. For that reason, I had to disappear from the friendship.

To you ex-friend A, I have to tell you about how I felt during a certain situation. At the beginning of our pledge process, we rode to class together, alternating between vehicles, then we would go to where we had to be amongst our other future sorority sisters. I thought then we would become better and closer friends and finally sisters but, by the end of that road I really did not like you.

I felt on several occasions that you pushed and ignored me and our friendship away. One time in particular, I came up to you to ask you a question, you totally ignored me and from that moment on, I knew where I stood in your life. I felt I was disrespected. I know that we were not going to the mall shopping and having text conversations but, as someone who has always helped you when you needed it, I expected more. I chose not to text you, call, you, write you on Facebook because of that reason. I do still care about  you though.

To ex-friend B, I am not sure where we stopped being friends to each other. I just think we grew apart.

Still love you both. I would like to start to build a relationship; a friendship with you. Even though we have missed time, we can not make it up, but we can make up for lost laughter and conversations.

Love you Both, your ex-friend,