By now everyone knows who Lena Dunham is. If not, then go Google her. She has her own show on HBO that produces, writes, and stars in.

“Girls” is a perfect show for the average young adult-woman. Going through your 20s can be hell but, at least she and her cast of characters make it watchable on Sunday nights. Its a 25 year old’s “Sex and the City”.

While I could fuddle over this show all day, I want to talk about Lena D.’s body. It looks like it feels soft, marshmallowy, and flabby. Her complexion is pasty and pale. She gives off the look of half-assing her workouts or not working out at all.

To say the least, she is not that stereotypical “Hollywood skinny”.  She shows her thighs, stomach, and breasts with pride and I love every minute of it.

As someone who is self-conscience about their body, she is the perfect role model for that area of my life. I am always latching on to the latest diet craze and exercise routine. So to see someone proudly prance around ,with fluffiness, in the nude makes me more comfortable with my own body insecurities.