Anytime someone is doing good in life I like to give them their props. Whether or not I like them, I think it is important to always praise people for what you admire about them. The person that I admire is Miss Jia. She is an entertainment blogger, weight loss challenger, merchandise selling, witty woman.
Through her comments on twitter and her personal blog, she talks about her past experiences, which helps with her readers’ and supporters’ present lives. She,as we all are, is building her life to what her vision is. Miss Jia lifted herself out from her past wrongs and forgave those who wronged her and in some ways forgave herself.
I love that she shares so much with her following through her YouTube, twitter, personal blog, and other venues which she expresses her life and love.
To Miss Jia, I love the parts of your life you have shared. I like your will to never give up on yourself, and I love ingenuity. Keep doing the wonderful things you are doing. I love to see you grow.

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