Looking for old teachers has never been an easy task. However, after the invention of the Internet and social networking site, such as, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (even those people search websites), you would think the search would become easier. Well, think again.

I can not find my third grade teacher, whose name I am not going to use. As stated, I am looking for my third grade teacher. Why? To be honest, I do not know. Maybe its for guidance, or to have a look in the past, or maybe I want help with my future and decisions, or maybe I just want to see how he looks. No matter the reason, I really want to find him.

He was one of my favorite teachers. He was one of the first male teachers I had. He was the epitome of being tall, dark, and a good teacher. I remembered he had played basketball at a local university. I think he was injured, which is why he ended up teaching a bunch of third graders. He was always sweet and nice (I remember him giving me his last piece of gum once). I know at the time was only 7 or 8 but, he seemed smart and considerate.

When he smiled he flashed a gap that was placed between his two front teeth. Another characteristic I remember about him is his necklace. It was a small gold necklace. The braided  chain and charm were both gold also. The charm was either a gold basketball hoop with a ball going in it, with his number on it or a jersey with his number on it. The number on his charm was 23 or 24 (I’m pretty sure it was 23).

While doing my Internet search for him, I know, for sure his first and last name. The problem is his middle name. (  It maybe “A”). Maybe he will find me.

I am hoping he surfs the Internet, reading anonymous blog posts about random people and their random lives. Maybe, just maybe, he will come across this or at least someone he knows.

Without giving away too much information.
His Initials:  J. (A.?)J.
Grade Taught: 3rd Grade
Region/State: North-West Louisiana
Initials of school: A.J.B.

He might have taught at that school between the years of 1997 – 2004

Dear Mr. J., I hope this blog finds you!