Happy Sunday!!

I had a good Sunday today. Hope yours was good as well.
Since its Sunday, of course my blog is going to be about church. More specifically it’s going to be about a church I went to today.

The pastor is considerably young. The church is mostly for college students who are away from there home churches. This church gives them somewhere to praise and worship.
The first time I went I was really into the service. His message was really inspiring. But since then, I have not felt any “holy ghost” feeling.
Today at church the the pastor “called people to the altar” or alter call. Since I was upfront, I had a close look at the way he prays over people and how others pray over the people at the alter. I noticed people who were getting prayed over were shaking, gyrating, crying and falling out on the floor. That is the part of worship service I did not get.

Clearly in order to react to prayers you have to be emotionally connected in some way. You also have to have some type of belief and faith in God and the message that’s being preached and prayed about.
That is what I do not have, that belief or emotion. I just sit there watching other people shouting and amening.I have questioned whether or not If I truly believe in God. Sometimes I think about converting to another religion or at least try to go to different religious practices. (Which I have done before.) When the church is at the end of service, and alter call is held, I am lost on what it feels like to truly believe.