I am all in favor of making new friends. You know how the song goes. “Make new friends, but keep the old one, one is silver and the other’s gold.” With that being said making friends from social media can be scary.

Let’s use my newly formed experienced as an example. I am on twitter. I don’t have many friends on Twitter. I do re-tweet, tweet, and reply to other tweets, but nothing obsessive or addicting.

One day I met a woman through twitter. At first we started direct messaging each other and then , with the notion that we had a lot in common, we exchanged numbers. I don’t remember our first text or phone conversation but I remember feeling like I had found another friend. Then something happened. We had a disagreement over something. Nothing too serious. In fact, it was not serious at all. She started acting possessive which made me uncomfortable. The next day I did not text or call her (She is usually the first one to make the contact). Then the next day I did communicate with her. She asked if I was mad at the comments she made. I said I was not ( even though I did feel uncomfortable). She then asked for a picture of me and I asked for the same thing. That was not a problem. She complimented me on my looks and I returned the favor.

Recently she asked to have a picture of my computer. I was reacting in shock and what the fuckness.

Long story short, I find this new friend from twitter to be annoying, condescending, pretentious. All of the  things I do not like in people. (As we talked more I noticed how she would criticize everything about my and the way I explained the way I do things.) I tried to be friendly and take an interest in her life (because she seemed so troubled through us talking). I do not think I can take this relationship anymore.